Group Leader: Dr Akshat Tanksale

Catalysis for Green Chemicals

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27 August 2015

The CatGreenChem group got a major boost to their facilities with the installation of a 5 L stirred tank high pressure reactor with capacity to go up to 250°C at 200 bar pressure. The material of construction is Hastelloy which provides enables us to work with corrosive chemicals such as acidic or basic reactants. The reactor is externally heated via a heating jacket and internally cooled via cooling coils connected to an industrial water chiller with 15 kW cooling capacity.

24 April 2015

Congratulations to Ali Mohammad Bahmanpour for getting his paper accepted in Green Chemistry. The paper titled " Formaldehyde Production via Hydrogenation of Carbon Monoxide in Aqueous Phase" is the first report of formadelhyde production using this process. 

10 February 2015

Congratulations to Frank Chan for getting his paper accepted in ChemCatChem. The paper titled " Kinetic Study of Catalytic Steam Gasification of Biomass by Reactive Flash Volatilisation" is the first report of kinetics measurement of reactive flash volatilisation process.

28 February 2014

There is a new addition to the research facilities in the CatGreenChem laboratories. We have just received the delivery of the QLab Pro Microwave Oven with up to 1200W power and magnetron frequency of 2450 MHz. The Oven comes with 6-reactors module with maximum operating pressure of 151 bar and maximum operating temperature of 300°C. This microwave reactor will be used to study deconstruction of lignocellulosic biomass under different solvents, catalysts, microwave power and time, to deliver a greener and safer process for pre-treating biomass.